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Reverend Insanity is an ongoing novel written by Gu Zhen Ren and being translated by Skyfarrow and ChibiGen and edited by Addarash on Qidian International




Humans are clever in tens of thousands of ways, Gu are the true refined essences of Heaven and Earth.
The Three Temples are unrighteous, the demon is reborn.
Former days are but an old dream, an identical name is made anew.
A story of a time traveler who keeps on being reborn.
A unique world that grows, cultivates and uses Gu.
The Spring and Autumn Cicada, the venomous Moonlight Gu, the Wine Insect, All-Encompassing Golden Light Insect, Slender Black Hair Gu, Gu of Hope…
And a great demon of the world that does exactly as his heart pleases!

Gu (蛊) refers to poison in various cultures in South China, while in folklore, Gu spirits could transform into all kinds of species.

Synopsis: A story of a villain, Fang Yuan, who was reborn 500 years into the past with the Spring Autumn Cicada he painstakingly refined. With his profound wisdom, battle and life experiences, he seeks to overcome his foes with skill and wit! Ruthless and amoral, he has no need to hold back as he pursues his ultimate goal. In a world of cruelty where one cultivates using Gu - magical creatures of the world - Fang Yuan must rise up above all with his own power. 

Gu is a legendary venomous insect, often used in black magic practices. It can take on the form of several insects, usually snakes, crickets, worms, etc. = one's world view, values of worth and philosophy on life 


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